Troubleshooting AgenDAV

If you are having problems with AgenDAV, check you have met all the requisites and search AgenDAV logs/web server logs for error lines.

You can write to AgenDAV general list asking for help. Make sure you include the following information:

  • Software details (OS, PHP version, web server you’re using, CalDAV server)
  • Clear description of your problem
  • Important log lines

Try the following before writing:

Development environment

You can switch to development environment easily by setting the environment variable AGENDAV_ENVIRONMENT to dev.

Environment variables have to be set on your webserver configuration file. Apache lets you do it using SetEnv, or even better, using SetEnvIf to enable the development environment just for some IPs. Example:

<Location />
   SetEnvIf Remote_Addr ^1\.2\.3\.4$ AGENDAV_ENVIRONMENT=dev

Then point your browser to A debugging toolbar will appear, logs will be more verbose and a new HTTP debug log will be generated.

Note that your application will be more slow and logs will grow really fast.

Debug your browser status

Most browsers can show you network activity and JavaScript errors using its own interfaces. They can be very handful if you happen to find a bug on AgenDAV. Some examples of browser which include this support are:

  • Mozilla Firefox with Firebug extension
  • Google Chrome/Chromium with Developer Tools (no addon required)